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The Perfect Picnic Recipes

The Perfect Picnic Recipes

Photos by Allegra Anderson | Food styling by Alycia Chrosniak | Styling by Christa Tubach + Regina Vecchione

Photos by Allegra Anderson | Food styling by Alycia Chrosniak | Styling by Christa Tubach + Regina Vecchione

The best picnic recipes for a never ending summer

Picnics are the perfect gathering opportunity to have a casual get together. My summer picnics often end up in Bushnell Park listening to jazz on Mondays nights, in one of Connecticut's many vineyards, or on a hidden stretch of beach down on the shore. The key with picnics is to pack foods that last, and ideally can be served at room temperature or right out of a cooler. We've put together a handful of recipes that can be made and transported with ease, while satisfying your stomach. 

Blueberry Hand Pie Recipe from CT Eats Out

Blueberry Hand Pies

It's all the joy of pie- but easy to eat on the go! These blueberry hand pies pack all the punch of your grandmother's famous pie, with peak season local blueberries and preserves and a pre-made crust (shh, it's ok). Get recipe here. 

Recipe for Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich from CT Eats Out

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

I'm just gonna say it: the reason I love this recipe is because it's lightened up with greek yogurt, and has minimal mayo. The raisins and celery give it a nice snap, and the curry powder and turmeric make it not-your-average-chicken-salad. Served on individual Chabaso ciabatta loafs, it's an easy grab and go item for all your guests. Get the recipe here. 

Recipe for boozy, strawberry rhubarb lemonade

Boozy Strawberry Rhubarb Black Pepper Lemonade

Because every picnic needs a signature cocktail. This batched drink takes advantage of summer strawberries and rhubarb, gets a kick from the black pepper and although you might not taste it- has a fair amount of alcohol. Transport this in a large mason jar and divide up upon arrival. And make sure you remember to pack ice. PS it's also delicious sans alcohol. Get the recipe here. 

Recipe for Mediterranean Orzo Salad from

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

A classic and insanely easy little dish to whip up, this pasta salad hits all of the right notes when it comes to the Mediterranean flavor profile - olives, feta, cucumbers - aka, the works. Served cold, and brightened with a bit of lemon juice it's a refreshing meal on a hot day. And bonus- it can easily be packed into individual mason jars for consumption.  Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Ricotta Toasts Recipe

Strawberry Ricotta Toast

The ultimate combination of salty and sweet, this strawberry and ricotta toast is perfection. While it does require assembly, this easily packed snack is definitely picnic appropriate. Topped with local honey, and pistachios it makes for an easy, yet delectable dessert. Get the recipe here. 

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