Photo by Ali + Julie

Photo by Ali + Julie

Hi! My name is Alycia Chrosniak.


I’m the founder of CT Eats Out and a freelance food and travel writer. I’ve written pieces for publications such as Travel + Leisure, Food52, Connecticut Magazine,,, and Seasons Magazine. I enjoy a good dinner party, my one-eyed cat, and pretending that the Hartford Whalers still exist.  

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Alycia’s Favorites

Most memorable meal: Eating lunch with Chef Massimo Bottura at his restaurant Franceschetta 58 in Modena, Italy.

Craziest thing I’ve ever eaten: Ants and moss at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Favorite country to visit: Italy, obviously. I’ve lived there twice and it feels like my second home.

Go-to cocktail: In the summer? An Aperol spritz or a gin and tonic. All other times of year? A dirty martini (vodka) with blue cheese stuffed olives. A’vert and Union League Cafe make perfect ones.

Death row meal: Trust that I will stuff myself to the brim for this one. Tacos from Hija de Sanchez, charcoal ice cream from Carter’s of Moseley, a bottle of Frank Cornelissen’s Contadino, a red pie (with garlic and oregano) from Sally’s Apizza, and a glazed donut from pastry goddess Kristen Eddy at Porron Donut Shop.

Kitchen tool I can’t live without: There are a lot of kitchen tools that I am constantly reaching for, but my microplane I probably use the most. It’s handy for everything from zesting citrus to finely grating parmesan. And obviously a good knife. A chef’s knife and a paring knife will cover most of your kitchen usage.