Baba Ghanoush Food Truck Rolls Into Hartford

Tangiers Internation Market Food Truck Hartford

The food you love from Tangiers International Market is now available on wheels. Winfield Latif, the oldest brother behind the family owned and operated business decided to launch a food truck as an offshoot of the brand at the urging of his customers and friends, and through inspiration from existing Hartford area food trucks.

"We weren't really thinking about going into the food truck business until we saw trucks like Mercado, Craftbird and Chief Brody's Banh Mi," Latif said. "We were so amazed at how they brought gourmet food to a food truck." After careful consideration, the opportunity finally arose when his friend Quan Quach, who handled the build out of Tangier's International Market, approached him about outfitting a truck. Latif said he felt that as the oldest brother it was his "duty to be the one to jump in and test the waters," and that hopefully it will be a success and "all the other brothers will join in and have food trucks of their own."


The Baba Ghanoush Food Truck will be serving customer favorites including falafel wraps and salads, gyro wraps and salads, hummus, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, and of course, baklava. The falafel recipe is their mother's, which she began serving at their original location when they first opened in 1995. 

While they're going to slowly ease their way into the Connecticut food truck scene, you'll be able to find them at breweries, festivals and school fairs and can hire them for private events as well. In fact this week you'll be able to find them as the CT Eats Out sponsored vendor at the Know Good Market, right alongside the three aforementioned food trucks they admire. 

Posted on May 9, 2018 and filed under News.