Bob Ramen Opens In Hartford

Photos by Alycia Chrosniak

Photos by Alycia Chrosniak

"It almost seems a little silly to open a whole business based on this," laughs Bob Ramen co-owner Chris Parrott, "but Conor and I love ramen and talk about it all day and thought it would be a lot of fun. And I really was like 'I'd open a place just so we can have ramen without traveling to Norwalk'. So we did."

Bob Ramen, by Little River Restoratives owners Chris Parrott and Patrick Miceli officially opens Tuesday, December 13, at 399 Capitol Ave, Hartford.  The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30-midnight, offering dine in and pick up, with the possibility of expanded hours and events once they settle in.

Miso Vegetable Ramen from Bob Ramen in Hartford Connecticut

With Chef Conor Fallon in the kitchen, they'll be serving three different kinds of classic ramen: tonkotsu, shiro chicken and miso vegetable for $14 each. Every bowl will come with a poached egg, and add-ins such as extra noodles, broth and corn range from $1-3. And for those wondering, yes, they will have gluten free noodles.

Alongside the bowls, Bob Ramen will serve pork gyoza with ginger, garlic and cabbage for $8 and crispy pork steamed buns with pickles, cabbage and spicy mustard for $5. "Conor and I have been working on recipes unofficially maybe since we opened Little River. We've been really focused on it for the past 6 months, and we've done a ton of reading and a ton of going out and eating ramen," says Parrott. As for the drinks? "We're keeping it super simple, just beer, wine and sake. Unfortunately our space isn't big enough for a liquor permit otherwise I obviously would have a cocktail program." But hey, that's why Little River Restoratives is next door, right?

Bob Ramen by Little River Restoratives Owners is now open in Hartford Connecticut

Parrott and Fallon both stressed that the recipes will be ever evolving and "just like any drink you get at Little River, it's never a finished product," but that they are "committed to a lifelong endeavor" of producing good ramen. As for the name, that started as a joke during the brainstorming process. "Conor started calling it Bob Ramen and then we started calling it that in passing and the name just kind of stuck."


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