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50 Things You Need To Eat This Summer

50 Things You Need To Eat This Summer

Photos by Alycia Chrosniak

Photos by Alycia Chrosniak

There are certain foods that are distinctly seasonal. You crave them during the second week of August and scorn them come December. You eat them outside on picnic blankets, around a bonfire in your neighbor’s backyard, and with a side of sand on the beach. These are the fifty things that you should try to eat before the leaves turn orange:

1. An Italian ice from Vecchito’s

2. A tomato sandwich eaten over the sink

3. A BLT, because everything is better with bacon

4. A whole lotta watermelon

5. Oysters, freshly shucked, preferably eaten overlooking the water

6. An Aperol spritz served in a big wine glass

7. The easiest pasta salad

capitol lunch new britain

8. Hot dogs

9. A choco taco bought from an ice cream truck that you chased down the street

10. A whole lobster that you eat while wearing a bib

11. Gazpacho because it’s hot outside

12. A caprese salad because it’s tomato season baby

13. Fried clams

14. Corn on the cob absolutely slathered in butter and salt

15. Cheap beer drank out of solo cups


16. A lobster roll, Connecticut style of course

17. Freshly made pesto, because I know you have an herb garden

18. A whole bowl of strawberries

19. Chicken kebabs that you grilled in your backyard

20. S’mores eaten around a camp fire

21. A freeze pop or twelve

22. More fish tacos than you can count

23. BBQ ribs

BBQ Clams The Place

24. The roast clam special from The Place

25. Strawberry lemonade, with alcohol if you feel like it

26. Hamburgers served on a paper plate

27. An entire bag of potato chips

28. Summer rolls with shrimp

29. A cold rice noodle dish

30. A whole grilled fish

31. Peaches right off the tree

Connecticut ice cream

32. Ice cream, in a cone, that inevitably melts all down your arm

33. A wine slushie

34. A cheeseburger

35. A margarita with salt on the rim

36. A watermelon and feta salad, don’t forget the mint

37. A bowl of New England clam chowder

38. Fresh veggies from your CSA

39. Beer can chicken, cooked on the grill

Mr Frosty's Ice Cream

40. Soft serve covered in rainbow sprinkles

41. Grilled flatbread

42. A glass of fresh squeezed lemonade

43. A sno cone

44. A sherbert negroni

45. Potato salad, with or without mayo

46. A fried oyster roll

47. A juicy fruit pie

48. Pizza, ordered to-go and eaten on the beach

49. A Greek salad

50. Pasta with cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella

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50 things to eat this summer
50 things to eat this summer
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