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2018 Connecticut Voter Guide

2018 Connecticut Voter Guide

2018 Connecticut Voter Guide

I’m gonna keep it brief, and extremely nonpartisan over here and just point out a few good resources for you darling Connecticut voters. Then hopefully, you can be on your merry way to the polls, successfully cast an informed vote, and then march onward towards Election Day deals.

Register To Vote:

If you missed the Oct. 30th deadline to register to vote by mail or online, DO NOT FEAR! Connecticut has same day registration, which means you can head to your Election Day Registration Site (a single location in each town, different than a polling place) and you can register and vote in one sweep. Find your Election Day Registration Site here.

What You Need To Vote:

Connecticut requires a form of identification in order to vote, you can see all the options here.

Hours Of Voting:

The polls in Connecticut are open from 6am - 8pm. If you are in line at 8pm YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE so stay in line, don’t just leave because the clock struck eight.

Where To Vote:

When you registered you should have been informed of your polling place. But in case you don’t remember, you can find your polling place here.

Who To Vote For:

The most important thing that you, as a citizen can do, is make an informed vote. If you’re not familiar with all the people or measures that will be on your ballot, and have wonderful nonpartisan breakdowns of everything and everyone that will be on your ballot. You can even make a voter guide to print (or save on your phone) to bring into the booth with you.

If You Have A Problem At The Polls:

If you encounter a problem at the polls or if anyone challenges your right to vote, call the voter protection hotline 844-VOTE4CT (844-868-3428).

2018 Black Friday Sales

2018 Black Friday Sales

Election Day Specials in Connecticut

Election Day Specials in Connecticut