CT Eats Out x KNOW GOOD Market: Ice Cream For A Dream

Ice Cream For A Dream Founder Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad

In 2012, Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad started Ice Cream For A Dream as a one time philanthropic event for his organization The Dream Support Network, designed to motivate the Hartford community into thinking about their future. The concept was simple- in exchange for telling him your dream you would get a free ice cream sandwich. The event was so well received that Muhammad bought an ice cream truck of his own and has handed out roughly 10,000 ice cream sandwiches to communities across the nation every year since.

Ice Cream For A Dream Chunky Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Last year, he decided to create his own ice cream sandwich with help from the Manchester based company, Royal Ice Cream. Together they created The Dream Hero, the official ice cream sandwich of Ice Cream For A Dream. Their first flavor- Chunky Chip- made of vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate chips and squished between two chocolate chip cookies will be making its official debut at the July KNOW GOOD Market. A portion of all proceeds from the ice cream sandwiches sold will go to support Ice Cream For A Dream and assist in supplying free ice cream to community events. 

Ice Cream For A Dream

Ice Cream For A Dream will be joining a handful of other food trucks at this month's KNOW GOOD Market, such as: Samba's Cuisine, Mercado, YBird & Co., Let's Start From Scratch, Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre, Bear's Smokehouse BBQ, The Butcher & Red, Loafing Around, Quick Bites, Dee's Flavors, Taco Tequila, Cafe at Fifty Five, and of course, Hog River Brewing. 

The KNOW GOOD Market is an open air street festival held from 5-8pm on the second Thursday of each month from April-November in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. It features local music, food and vendors and attracts a large crowd of locals and visitors alike. It is located at 30-50 Bartholomew Ave. Hartford, CT. There is a parking lot located across the street, bike parking and is just one block from the CT Fastrak Parkville stop.