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Five Things

Five Things

Because, there is a whole food world outside of Connecticut.

Bon Appetit America's Best New Restaurants | Five Things CT Eats Out

The Hot Ten - America's Best New Restaurants | Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit just released their annual list of the 10 best restaurants in America. Atlanta's Staplehouse took the crown at #1 and their story is both heart wrenching and inspiring. Closer in distance to us, Oberlin in Providence snagged the #7 spot, and Wildair in NYC came in at #8.

Senor Frogs Dining Review Pete Wells

Señor Frog’s Dining Review | NY Times

Grubstreet reported earlier this week that Señor Frog’s in Time Square has shut its doors for good. While I don't particularly care about this news as I've never been and had no plans of going, it does give me the excuse to show you Pete Wells' NY Times restaurant review of this establishment. It is one of my favorites and begins with multiple frogasms and ends with the brave declaration that he has "had more fun at Señor Frog’s than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years." ...And that is after he only received half his entrees. 

Is there Native American cuisine?

The Movement to Define Native American Cuisine | NY Times

Sean Sherman of the Oglala Lakota tribe is starting a "new Native American cuisine" movement in the midwest to help identify and bring awareness to native food cultures in contemporary kitchens. 

Avocado Toast is ruining the rainforests

Here's One Big Reason To Avoid Avocado Toast | Grub Street

While you couldn't pay me to eat one more slice of avocado toast, I hate that I'm going to have to start rationing my guacamole now. Apparently avocados are so profitable and in such high demand that farmers in Mexico are illegally cutting down forests to expand their farms. And guess who lives in these forests in the winter? Migrating monarch butterflies. 

Chef Michael Richard dies

Michel Richard, Acclaimed Chef at Citronelle, Dies at 68 | NY Times

Celebrated chef Michel Richard of Citrus and Citronelle, passed away this week after complications from a stroke. He was famed for his playful takes on pastry and inventive French-Californian cuisine.

Hog River Brewing Opens In Hartford

Hog River Brewing Opens In Hartford

Interview With: Enea Bacci of Lobster Landing

Interview With: Enea Bacci of Lobster Landing