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Five Things

Five Things

The Achiever Embodied: Why These Sisters Are Breaking The Mold As Alaskan Fisherwomen | Darling Magazine 

I consider myself super lucky to call these two friends. Claire and Emma started their company Salmon Sisters a few years ago to grow awareness for the Alaskan wilderness and seafood system. They have a clothing line inspired by nature and sell Alaskan salmon and halibut anywhere in the U.S. straight from their family's commercial fishing boat. They've garnered quite a following and their passion for the place they grew up is incredibly inspiring.

Inspectors To Enforce CT Grown Laws At Farmers Markets

So remember that ridiculous winter we just had? Where it was like 70 degrees in January and then suddenly went down to below zero for a couple weeks? Well, it killed most of the stone fruit (i.e peaches etc.) crop in CT. So if you see oodles and oodles of them at your farmer market, well, they might not be from here. There are laws corresponding to what can be marked as Connecticut Grown and what can be sold at farmers markets and inspectors are cracking down.

From Refugee Chefs, a Taste from Home

In Paris something amazing happened. An event called the "Refugee Food Festival" occured at nine different restaurants across the city allowing refugees who were chefs in their home country to step into the kitchen and cook their native cuisine for guest. Since February there have been 20 events, and I hope many, many more.

A Brief History of Ice Cream Flavors | First We Feast

Eating chocolate ice cream meant you were rich? People used to climb mountains to gather snow just to make ice cream? Historic gastronomist and author Sarah Lohman fills you in on the history of ice cream and it's two basic flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

All The Ways We Grill Around The World | Saveur

Put your Weber away. There are so many other surfaces to grill on. This visual diary shows you the fascinating and inventive ways people are grilling their food around the world.

Jeffrey Lizotte Leaving ON20 To Open Present Company In Former Mill At 2T Location

Celebrate Millwright's 4th Anniversary with Two Special Events

Celebrate Millwright's 4th Anniversary with Two Special Events