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Five Things

Five Things

Chefs Gather At Yale for Mad Conference

Influential Chefs Put Food Talk On The Menu | The New York Times

A handful of the world's most influential chefs casually gathered in New Haven this week to discuss food policy issues. The MAD Yale Leadership Summit, as it's called, brought together scholars from the Yale Sustainable Food Program and chefs like Rene Redzepi, April Bloomfield and Alex Atala to inspire and challenge themselves ...and learn about how kelp is the new kale.

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This Is What's Wrong With The 2016 World's 50 Best List | Eater

The World's 50 Best Restaurants were announced earlier this week and lets just say it's not exactly diverse.  What stood out to me the most? The fact that Dominique Crenn won Best Female Chef IN THE WORLD, and yet somehow neither of her restaurants made the top 50 ...or the top 100. K.

Five Things To Read

McDonald's: You Can Sneer But It's The Glue That Holds Communities Together | The Guardian

Lower income Americans are using McDonald's to foster communities. And why wouldn't they when the coffee is cheap and the staff allow you to stay uninterrupted?

Rethink Your Talent Pipeline | Chefsfeed

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson just opened Locol in East Oakland. They want you to know that there isn't necessarily a chef shortage, you're probably just looking in the wrong places. 

Things You Should Read by First We Feast

The Life Cycle of A Modern-Day Chef | First We Feast

Full disclosure, Richie is my Twitter friend ...and this article came out like a year ago. Butttt First We Feast recently tweeted it again, and I reread it and it's still great. Read about the stages of chefdom and how many pig/butchery tattoos you should have as a sous.

Farm Dinners You Should Attend This Summer

Farm Dinners You Should Attend This Summer

Five Things

Five Things