Black Hog Brewing Co. In CNBC's Battle Of The Beer Labels

Photo by  Mike McDevitt

Photo by Mike McDevitt

If you've ever gotten a can of Black Hog Brewing Co. beer, the first thing you probably noticed was the incredible artwork decorating it.  All the designs were done by local Connecticut artist Max Toth, and now one of them is getting national recognition. Black Hog's 'Ginga Ninja' can is competing in CNBC's 'Battle Of The Beer Labels' and they need your help to win. The competition is set in rounds with each brewery being paired against another for a set amount of time. The beer can design with the most votes during that time moves on to the next round. They've advanced with ease during the first two rounds, and now there is only three more to go! So give them a vote here, and let's show the nation what Connecticut is made of. 

UPDATE: They made it to the finals! This round is a little different in that you can't see the total number of votes for each brewery so we have no idea who is ahead. MAKE SURE TO VOTE

Posted on March 22, 2016 and filed under News.