CT Eats Out x KNOW GOOD Market: Faddy’s Donuts


If you’ve ever been at the KNOW GOOD Market and looked around and thought “ya know, I could really go for a donut right now,” we have some good news. If you’ve recently thought to yourself “wow, it’s already the middle of October and I still haven’t had an apple cider donut.” Then, we have some more good news: Faddy’s Donuts is our sponsored vendor this month at the KNOW GOOD Market. And you guys, they’re donuts are really good (I would know, I just scarfed down three of them while driving back from taking these photos). 


Faddy's Donuts, if you're not familiar is a food truck based out of East Hartford. They frequent the front of Cabela's Sporting Goods, and you can also find them at various events and farmers markets across the state. They make ridiculously delicious apple cider donuts, sugar covered donuts and frosted donuts. 


Who else will be there? The Cafe at Fifty-Five will be open across the street, serving coffee and crepes, Samba's Cuisine Food Truck offering Brazilian flavors, Mercado with their Span-ish tapas, the newly named CraftBird & Co. Food Truck serving fried chicken and farm fresh deliciousness, Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre with healthy juices and baked goods, The Butcher & Red bringing the meat, The Dream Hero and their ice cream sandwiches, Dee's Flavors cooking up all your guilty pleasures, Taco Tequila Food Truck making authentic Mexican tacos, Quick Bites serving West Indian cuisine and Loafing Around taking care of all of your gluten cravings. And then of course, Story and Soil will be keeping you caffeinated, Hartford Flavor will have liquor tastings, Bumskis will have cocktails, and Hog River Brewing will be open and serving their Hartford made beer including the KNOW GOOD Pale Ale.

The KNOW GOOD Market is an open air street festival held from 5-8pm on the second Thursday of each month from April-November in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. It features local music, food and vendors and attracts a large crowd of locals and visitors alike. It is located at 30-50 Bartholomew Ave. Hartford, CT. There is a parking lot located across the street, bike parking and is just one block from the CT Fastrak Parkville stop.

Posted on October 12, 2017 .