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Twelve Days of Chefmas: Andrew Hotis

Twelve Days of Chefmas: Andrew Hotis

Andrew Hotis

While we love showing you delicious food 24/7, we also think it's important that you know who is behind the food you're eating. So, our "Twelve Days of Chef-mas" series will introduce you to a dozen noteworthy chefs from across the state. You can see our full lineup of Chefs here. That being said: 

🎶 On the eleventh day of "Chef-mas," CT Eats Out brings to you... Owner, Food and Beverage Director and Sommelier, Andrew Hotis, of August: Upscale Bar and Eatery in New Haven, CT. 🎶

How You Got Started In The Kitchen/Industry:

I got into hospitality to support myself as a fine artist and it kind of stuck. I enjoyed the pace and excitement of it all and got to meet creative and interesting people. Learning about food and wine from superb Chefs and Sommeliers has been a privilege and has kept me fascinated for 20 years in hospitality. It's a new adventure every night.

Favorite Ingredient To Work With:

I always keep things nearby that bring balance and focus to a dish. Salt and lemons.

Favorite Menu Item:

At August we serve simple classic wine bar food. I source the finest ingredients I can find and stay out of the way. Our deviled eggs are something special.

Favorite Holiday Dish To Eat or Cook:

I love to roll out some gingerbread with my son (August) and use my old cookie cutters to press the shapes. They always turn out ugly but it's great way to spend a Sunday night before Christmas.


Restaurant in CT You're Dying To Try:

Community Table in New Preston, CT. 


Funniest Kitchen Story

One busy Friday evening at August we were in full swing with a packed room. I had friends in from Manhattan. Just as we were about to fill up for the second turn I heard a loud POP! and the room went black. No light. No music. computers down and the whole night came to a screeching halt. I shut down my kitchen station and went to the basement to check the fuses and found the one that blew. I had no idea what had caused it until the night was over and we were cleaning up. I found the charred remains of a phone charger that a guest had plugged in and then yanked out from a distance. It still smelled like smoke and looked like an electrocuted bird. We recalled the guest who was sitting there and how she slunk out really quietly and without paying due to the computer crash!

Social Media:

You can keep up to date with Andrew and the happening at August on Facebook August: Upscale Bar and Eatery

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