What To Cook For The Farm To Street Dinner

Photo by  Anaise Prince .

Photo by Anaise Prince.

With the 2nd annual Farm to Street Dinner coming up on June 25th, we are thrilled to present to you three recipes to inspire your "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Dinner) dish! This family style gathering will be bringing together lovers of all things food & Hartford, for what will probably one of the longest community tables you may ever feast your eyes upon. 

Outdoor dinners can be a surprisingly tricky occasion to cook for, since you need to keep in mind that you won’t be using an oven upon arrival. Your dish will need to be ready made to just plop down and dig into. With both this and the enlivening flavors of early summer in mind, we’ve crafted some simple yet oh-so-decadent snack-y bites that are ideal for bringing to a celebration of this caliber. 

To join in with your neighbors and fellow foodies, purchase your tickets here today. All proceeds go to benefit Hartford Food Systems.

Purple Cauliflower Tabbouleh 

Photo by  Allegra Anderson

Side dishes are a fantastic choice for potluck dinners! You can mix and match, share with family and friends, and most importantly, they’re usually pretty easy recipes! This purple cauliflower tabbouleh dish is perfect for all of those things. The vibrant cauliflower mixed in with the ground almonds will fill you up, while the flavorful herbs and unique dressing add a kick of interest. This recipe yields quite a bit – so you’re sure to make new friends with this dish! Get the recipe here

Photo by  Allegra Anderson

It’s kind of hard to go wrong with buttery pastry and goat cheese to begin with, but when you add fresh leeks and lemon zest into the mix, your taste buds are bound to be ecstatic. This savory little treat is easily sliced up to share with friends, and pretty minimal when it comes to prep and bake time. Get the recipe here

Photo by Allegra Anderson

Photo by Allegra Anderson

A simple but beautiful salad adds a wonderful pop of greenery to the meal. Grab some spring mix, berries and veggies from your garden or local farmers market, and top with edible flowers for a stunning and tasty salad that you’ll be eating all summer long. Get the recipe here.