Gift Guide: For The Coffee Lover

Gift Guide: For the Coffee Lover | CT Eats Out | Pour over coffee, *good* instant coffee, locally designed mugs and more!

1. Lowell Marshall Coffee Pour Over Stand- It's no secret that we're obsessed with Lowell Marshall. The Hartford based woodworking studio by Brent Marshall creates beautiful minimalist designs for the home. His coffee pour over stand is the perfect no fuss addition to your morning routine.

2. Chambord Classic French Press- The copper hued trim will make you feel better about leaving this out on your counter, and the 8 cup capacity means you can serve all your guests with ease.

3. Sudden Coffee Stocking Stuffer- Eight cups of ready-to-brew instant coffee at your fingertips. Just mix the packet with hot (or cold) water and boom! Instant coffee that is actually good. 

4. Regent- Fueled by coffee, Hartford poet Brett Maddux wrote a series of poems while traveling to diners all over Connecticut. The book is the perfect companion to a steaming cup of joe.

5. Chemex 6 Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker- "Whether you measure every ounce of your beans or haphazardly throw a random amount of coffee in your filter, the Chemex pour over instantly upgrades your coffee game by removing the always ugly automatic percolator from your kitchen. There are no moving parts so it's effortless to keep sparkling clean for a consistently fresh brew." - Jeremy White, Head of Filmmaking, CT Eats Out + Freelance Filmmaker

6. New York, New Haven, Hartford Mug- Available at Hartford's own Hartford Prints!, this mug celebrates the historical rail line between the three major cities. What better way to sip coffee in the morning than with a beautifully designed, locally sold mug?


Posted on December 12, 2016 and filed under gift guides.